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Eyelash Extension Agreement & Consent Form
1) I understand that it will be automatically new set after 24 days from initial application because of glue bonding and hygiene issues.
2) All the special price cannot be mix to use together.
3) All the new customer special price is only valid to use once in each location, if I purchased or received a special voucher as a gift, then I understand to pay the difference from original price.
4) I understand that this procedure requires single synthetic or mink fur eyelashes to be glued to my own natural eyelashes.
5) I understand that retouch only can be done up to 4 times and new set eyelashes is highly recommended for sanitary reasons.
6) I understand that some risks of this procedure may be but not limited to eye redness and irritation. The fumes from the adhesive may cause my eyes to tear up if I open my eyes during the procedure.
7) I agree to disclose any allergies that I may have to latex, cyanoacrylate and etc.
8) I understand that any correction work must be claimed within 3 days from initial application.
9) I understand that due to the nature of appointment based service, Fantastic I Lash has the right to refuse or reschedule if I arrive after 15 minutes from the original appointment time.
10) I understand that appointment cancellation must be done a minimum of 12 hours prior to the scheduled time. Cancellation service charge of 30% will be charged if the cancellation is not made 12 hours prior to the scheduled time for more than 3 times.
11) I understand that it is my sole responsibility for my personal belongings and Fantastic I Lash holds no responsibility.
12) I agree that I've read and full understand this entire consent form and by reading and signing this consent form, I release Fantastic I Lash from any claims or damages of any nature.
13) I have read an completed the Eyelash Extensions Agreement & Consent Form in its entirety, and I am of sound mind and fully capable of executing this waiver for myself.
With my signature below, I agree and acknowledge that I wish to engage the services of Fantastic I Lash to apply eyelash extensions.
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